Time is not the problem.

I have not had a full time Job for over a year. I have had an unbelievable amount of free time; enough time to achieve and create everything I wanted.  Except that even though I had the time and desire to achieve these things, here I am a year later with about the same output of personal projects as I would have if I had been working a full time job.  Why is this?

When I talk about this subject I often think about an idea I first heard from Tony Robbins.  The standard of life you are living is based on your own internal thermostat. When your life standard drops below a certain threshold the heat kicks on and you begin taking actions and those actions build momentum that will change your life.  However the same thing happens on the other end; things start going good but this time when the thermostat kicks in it works against you, you begin to self Sabotage.

Facebook, YouTube and Netflix are all amazing platforms that are designed to grab your attention and are also what I use to sabotage myself.  I have become addicted to these platforms. In the time it has taken me to write up to this point, I have resisted the urge to check my feed 4 Times! I get a little dopamine hit every time I see the little read speech bubble above that globe.

What I want to make clear is that there is nothing with innately wrong with any of theses platforms or any other way you want to spend your time. But Steer your own damn ship. Don’t let the brilliant minds at Facebook  and marketing control what you think. It’s why I don’t watch the News anymore. However, if I am not active with my mind I will fill it with other empty tasks. I am now actively building habits and routines that I am in charge of. Things that will benefit me later or bring me peace. I believe as long as you are mindful and present in the current action you are taking you are doing the right thing.

Think for yourself. Be present and alert. Live in the moment. And be easy on yourself. Breath. Smile. Love.


Stop making life so hard. Life can be very simple or extremely complicated; it’s your choice. Everyday you are faced with 100’s or thousand’s of little choices and you get to decide how hard each choice is. Knowing what you want makes your decision process easy.

What should I do today?

Make a list of everything you need to do, write this down. Trying to remember everything in your head is too stressful and you will end up forgetting things. Once you have your list pick the 3-5  most important tasks to accomplish that day. Write the important tasks somewhere you will look at throughout the day; I use a whiteboard by my desk, as well as Trello.

Trello is a free project management  site/app that fits well with this model. I have my boards (Trello’s name for a project list) set up in three columns, To do, Doing and Done.  When I start working on a new task I simply drag it to the Doing list, and once I finish it I drag it to the  Done list. Very simple, but very effective.

By simplifying your day to only a few tasks life becomes easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Knowing what I specifically want to do in a day actually makes it happen.

What do you value?

Simplifying your daily tasks is a great step forward, but whats even more important is to do what you love. Everyone has something that they absolutely love doing. For me it has been improv and sketch comedy, developing interactive experiences and simply doing things with interesting people. I understand that you can’t always be doing what you love because you know, you gotta pay the bills. Guess What? That’s lie. The only reason you aren’t doing what you love is because you set your life up that way.  

It’s sad to say but the average person doesn’t do what they love. It is so easy to follow the current, but shouldn’t you only follow it if it’s not the best path to take. You wouldn’t use a GPS that constantly gave you excessively long and boring routes would you? Well, if you didn’t have a map or a better GPS you might have to. Don’t go through life with the crappy little GPS everyone uses by default, use the GPS that someone who has what you want uses and then change all the settings so it works with your goals.

Know your goals and use the best path to get there,even if that path is your own.

Make your dreams happen!

The switch to a fully fulfilled and happy life filled with everything you love takes time to build, but once you decide you want it and I mean really decide; it will happen.  Once you know what you want, the question becomes how. So, how do I make my dreams happen?  Simplify. Break down your goals into manageable steps and start replacing your daily tasks that  you do by default with the ones that will get you where you want. This is why creating your To Do list is so important, knowing what you want points you in the right direction. When you simply the steps, you actually go there. Simplify your life, so you can start living it.

Go get it!

Find out what you want

If you are not happy with any area of your life then why aren’t you doing anything about it? You know what you need to do, get up off of your ass and go!  Do it.  If you don’t like something in your life you have  two options, You either do something to change it or you don’t.

Most people are great at picking out the negative things in life and a lot of them even know how to fix them, and yet they go on living their unfulfilling lives.  Next time you see something you don’t like, instead of complaining, go and fix it. Most people get caught in the planing stage. Planing about what you need to do to fix your your problem is important, but as soon as you know what you should do, go and do it!

If anything is not how you want it in your life and you are not actively taking action to change it, guess what? You don’t really want to change it.  Don’t ever settle for a life that you don’t absolutely love, DO NOT GET COMFORTABLE. 

Stop worrying about what others think!

Be yourself. Screw everyone else’s opinion of you,always have open ears and be loving to everyone, but don’t let their beliefs weigh you down. In the end when you  are simply yourself life becomes a whole lot easier.  You no longer should worry about what others think of you and instead focus on what you feel is right. I will tell you this, in the long run, if you take action and do things, it does not mater what you do, enough actions over time will take you to where you want to go, which brings me to, know where you are going!  How the hell are you going to get somewhere if  don’t know where it is that you are going. Set goals! A goal is simply a dream with a deadline. Get clear on what your dreams are, and when they will happen, once those two things are in place you simply need to go get it! Dream big and then take action, ever step you take is one step closer.

 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Life is a river, but for the vast majority of people in this world it’s a lazy river. These people simply climb on to their inner tube and let the current take them where ever they need to go. When ever I go to a water park with my brothers, the Lazy River is always one of my favorite attractions. You know why? Because the lazy river is a race course for us. You paddle and swim and pull your way to victory. Don’t just sit in your inner tube of life and let the current take you were everyone else is going.

Know what you want and go and get it. A lot of the time the things you want are up stream, so guess what,you are going to need to work for it. People will tell you; It’s impossible;You will never make it! That’s just not how life works! You need to pay your bills! You can’t afford to lose this job! You can’t do it!  What these people are actually saying is; I don’t believe in myself, nobody does it like that so it can’t possibly work. You see people get caught in the “right way” to do things. Oh no the current is too strong I could never swim up this stream, but whats stopping you from climbing out of the water and running on land! Stop letting other people think for you and start believing in yourself.

Make your choice, do you want your life to always be how it is now? Or do you want to make your dreams a reality? If you chose the latter, then Go Get It!

The power of a white board To-Do list.

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with work, so I end up either procrastinating and find myself on Reddit or I just go to sleep and prolong the problem for later. As you obviously know completely avoiding what you need to do creates more stress in the end because your deadline to complete your task gets closer and more projects and things to do keep adding up. The weight of all these tasks build and build until the stress is so large that the beam snaps and you either fall deeper into your hole or you reach the bottom and you begin to look for a way climb out. A To-Do list can help you with this.

The White Board

I have been using a little $10 white board as my To-do list for the past few weeks and have seen some awesome results.  There are many ways to make a To-Do list be here is what I have been doing.

The first step is to write down what you have to do. My list currently has things like Finish Website, Fix Mac Book, Laundry and buy pants. Throughout the day when ever you realize you need to do something add it to the list. By writing it down you no longer need to think about that task because the white board is doing that for you!

The next step is to rank each items importance level.  Give each item a value number, the higher the number the more important or the more weight it holds. Like real life achievement points, without trophies. Well the trophies are your call.

At the start of each day underline the tasks that you want to complete that day. When you complete a task either erase it completely off the board or cross it off.  Personally I like to erase the task the board because I receive a sense of accomplishment and a reduction of stress.

Where the board really shines is when I find myself wanting to procrastinate. Instead of fighting my procrastination, I take a break from the main task I was working on and do something else from the board. Although it’s still procrastination I get remove something from my To-Do list thus revealing some stress from my mind, which in turn allows me to focus back on my main task.

That’s about it for now. Leave me a comment and let me know if you use a To-Do list and how you use it.

Welcome to Freedom Safari

What is Freedom Safari?

Hey I’m Joe. I am a 23 year old Front End Developer and Improviser.  I started this blog to track my progress towards freedom. Well not freedom in the sense of Yeah ‘Merica, but instead freedom of my life choices. Too many people including myself are slaves to their income. Which at the moment is nothing, not including the occasional freelance gig here and there.

Money controls peoples decisions and prevents people from being who they want to be.  My goal is to free myself from the chains of  “Making a living” by creating multiple passive income sources. Passive income can come from anywhere; from a websites and apps to owning a parking garage or rental property. I will also be aggressively saving over the next few years and make my money work for me through investments and interest.

Last summer I spent the summer working at a co-op(fancy for Internship) for a cool company in San Francisco.   This experience sparked a love for travel, and thus another goal was born. I want to be free from being tied to an office building and a specific location.  Being a developer I have the rare opportunity to do the work online and not be tied down to a single location. A dream of mine is to travel the world but also be able to work and continue to fund my finical freedom goals.

The first step to freedom is Health and Fitness. Free yourself from not having enough energy to get something done. Free yourself from waking up in the morning tired and exhausted. Free yourself from feeling drained all of the time.  In order to get anything done you need energy, and to make massive change you need a lot of it. Over the past month I’ve started to make these fitness goals happen and although I’m just at the tip of this iceberg it feels great.

So what should I expect to see on this site?

  • Book Reviews
  • Personal accomplishments
  • New ways of thinking
  • How to achieve passive income
  • Healthy Living
  • Challenges
  • Successes
  • Ideas
  • And Much much more……. Call now!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m very excited about where this blog is going and more importantly how my life is about to change. Thank you for joining me on my journey.