Stop making life so hard. Life can be very simple or extremely complicated; it’s your choice. Everyday you are faced with 100’s or thousand’s of little choices and you get to decide how hard each choice is. Knowing what you want makes your decision process easy.

What should I do today?

Make a list of everything you need to do, write this down. Trying to remember everything in your head is too stressful and you will end up forgetting things. Once you have your list pick the 3-5  most important tasks to accomplish that day. Write the important tasks somewhere you will look at throughout the day; I use a whiteboard by my desk, as well as Trello.

Trello is a free project management  site/app that fits well with this model. I have my boards (Trello’s name for a project list) set up in three columns, To do, Doing and Done.  When I start working on a new task I simply drag it to the Doing list, and once I finish it I drag it to the  Done list. Very simple, but very effective.

By simplifying your day to only a few tasks life becomes easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Knowing what I specifically want to do in a day actually makes it happen.

What do you value?

Simplifying your daily tasks is a great step forward, but whats even more important is to do what you love. Everyone has something that they absolutely love doing. For me it has been improv and sketch comedy, developing interactive experiences and simply doing things with interesting people. I understand that you can’t always be doing what you love because you know, you gotta pay the bills. Guess What? That’s lie. The only reason you aren’t doing what you love is because you set your life up that way.  

It’s sad to say but the average person doesn’t do what they love. It is so easy to follow the current, but shouldn’t you only follow it if it’s not the best path to take. You wouldn’t use a GPS that constantly gave you excessively long and boring routes would you? Well, if you didn’t have a map or a better GPS you might have to. Don’t go through life with the crappy little GPS everyone uses by default, use the GPS that someone who has what you want uses and then change all the settings so it works with your goals.

Know your goals and use the best path to get there,even if that path is your own.

Make your dreams happen!

The switch to a fully fulfilled and happy life filled with everything you love takes time to build, but once you decide you want it and I mean really decide; it will happen.  Once you know what you want, the question becomes how. So, how do I make my dreams happen?  Simplify. Break down your goals into manageable steps and start replacing your daily tasks that  you do by default with the ones that will get you where you want. This is why creating your To Do list is so important, knowing what you want points you in the right direction. When you simply the steps, you actually go there. Simplify your life, so you can start living it.