Welcome to Freedom Safari

What is Freedom Safari?

Hey I’m Joe. I am a 23 year old Front End Developer and Improviser.  I started this blog to track my progress towards freedom. Well not freedom in the sense of Yeah ‘Merica, but instead freedom of my life choices. Too many people including myself are slaves to their income. Which at the moment is nothing, not including the occasional freelance gig here and there.

Money controls peoples decisions and prevents people from being who they want to be.  My goal is to free myself from the chains of  “Making a living” by creating multiple passive income sources. Passive income can come from anywhere; from a websites and apps to owning a parking garage or rental property. I will also be aggressively saving over the next few years and make my money work for me through investments and interest.

Last summer I spent the summer working at a co-op(fancy for Internship) for a cool company in San Francisco.   This experience sparked a love for travel, and thus another goal was born. I want to be free from being tied to an office building and a specific location.  Being a developer I have the rare opportunity to do the work online and not be tied down to a single location. A dream of mine is to travel the world but also be able to work and continue to fund my finical freedom goals.

The first step to freedom is Health and Fitness. Free yourself from not having enough energy to get something done. Free yourself from waking up in the morning tired and exhausted. Free yourself from feeling drained all of the time.  In order to get anything done you need energy, and to make massive change you need a lot of it. Over the past month I’ve started to make these fitness goals happen and although I’m just at the tip of this iceberg it feels great.

So what should I expect to see on this site?

  • Book Reviews
  • Personal accomplishments
  • New ways of thinking
  • How to achieve passive income
  • Healthy Living
  • Challenges
  • Successes
  • Ideas
  • And Much much more……. Call now!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m very excited about where this blog is going and more importantly how my life is about to change. Thank you for joining me on my journey.