Time is not the problem.

I have not had a full time Job for over a year. I have had an unbelievable amount of free time; enough time to achieve and create everything I wanted.  Except that even though I had the time and desire to achieve these things, here I am a year later with about the same output of personal projects as I would have if I had been working a full time job.  Why is this?

When I talk about this subject I often think about an idea I first heard from Tony Robbins.  The standard of life you are living is based on your own internal thermostat. When your life standard drops below a certain threshold the heat kicks on and you begin taking actions and those actions build momentum that will change your life.  However the same thing happens on the other end; things start going good but this time when the thermostat kicks in it works against you, you begin to self Sabotage.

Facebook, YouTube and Netflix are all amazing platforms that are designed to grab your attention and are also what I use to sabotage myself.  I have become addicted to these platforms. In the time it has taken me to write up to this point, I have resisted the urge to check my feed 4 Times! I get a little dopamine hit every time I see the little read speech bubble above that globe.

What I want to make clear is that there is nothing with innately wrong with any of theses platforms or any other way you want to spend your time. But Steer your own damn ship. Don’t let the brilliant minds at Facebook  and marketing control what you think. It’s why I don’t watch the News anymore. However, if I am not active with my mind I will fill it with other empty tasks. I am now actively building habits and routines that I am in charge of. Things that will benefit me later or bring me peace. I believe as long as you are mindful and present in the current action you are taking you are doing the right thing.

Think for yourself. Be present and alert. Live in the moment. And be easy on yourself. Breath. Smile. Love.