The power of a white board To-Do list.

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with work, so I end up either procrastinating and find myself on Reddit or I just go to sleep and prolong the problem for later. As you obviously know completely avoiding what you need to do creates more stress in the end because your deadline to complete your task gets closer and more projects and things to do keep adding up. The weight of all these tasks build and build until the stress is so large that the beam snaps and you either fall deeper into your hole or you reach the bottom and you begin to look for a way climb out. A To-Do list can help you with this.

The White Board

I have been using a little $10 white board as my To-do list for the past few weeks and have seen some awesome results.  There are many ways to make a To-Do list be here is what I have been doing.

The first step is to write down what you have to do. My list currently has things like Finish Website, Fix Mac Book, Laundry and buy pants. Throughout the day when ever you realize you need to do something add it to the list. By writing it down you no longer need to think about that task because the white board is doing that for you!

The next step is to rank each items importance level.  Give each item a value number, the higher the number the more important or the more weight it holds. Like real life achievement points, without trophies. Well the trophies are your call.

At the start of each day underline the tasks that you want to complete that day. When you complete a task either erase it completely off the board or cross it off.  Personally I like to erase the task the board because I receive a sense of accomplishment and a reduction of stress.

Where the board really shines is when I find myself wanting to procrastinate. Instead of fighting my procrastination, I take a break from the main task I was working on and do something else from the board. Although it’s still procrastination I get remove something from my To-Do list thus revealing some stress from my mind, which in turn allows me to focus back on my main task.

That’s about it for now. Leave me a comment and let me know if you use a To-Do list and how you use it.

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